Bitcoin Faucet

The bitcoin faucet serve to introduce newcomers to the way bitcoin, bitcoin is always growing and over the years will reach absolutely high level and will bring profits and benefits to all those who believe in bitcoin, we bitcoin faucet use XAPO to be fast in payments and to learn how to properly use the Bitcoin payment system

Name Type Satoshi Timer
Get Bitcoin -- -- --
MoonBitcoin XAPO 500 5 Min
BTCSource XAPO 300 5 Min
FieldBitcoins XAPO 500 5 Min
LootTool XAPO 400 5 Min
SunBitcoin XAPO N/D N/D
JupiterBitcoin XAPO N/D N/D
Scratch4Satoshi XAPO N/D N/D
FreeBitsDaily XAPO N/D N/D
GanaBits XAPO N/D N/D
ViralAlert XAPO N/D N/D
SatoshiTree XAPO N/D N/D

All bitcoin faucets are always free. However, each site that hosts a bitcoin faucet has the right to set their own faucet as desired. We bitcoin faucet we assume the responsibility of third party sites to us. Uses bitcoin faucets how many times you want and earn daily bitcoin

By XAPO you can receive bitcoin received from faucets directly on your wallet without having to reach the threshold by normal faucet. XAPO and instantaneous and the service is called Instant XAPO, it's free, forever

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What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is worldwide digital cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. You can use it as a payment method in many places. It uses the Internet for sending money, so you can send bitcoins to anybody in the world! You can buy or sell them in many Bitcoin Markets and exchange for other (crypto)currencies. The most important thing about Bitcoin is it's decentralization. When it comes to real paper money, Central Banks control it and can print it more. In Bitcoin World there will be no more than 21 million of BTC. That means no one can "make" more Bitcoins. What is satoshi Satoshi is the smallest fraction of Bitcoin. 1 satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC. But in the future, if there will be a need, 1 Bitcoin can be split in even smaller fractions. Most of Bitcoin faucets rewards users with satoshis.